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The following are testimonials from clients who have worked with me.
Their confidentiality, which I honor to the highest degree, is protected.
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What Individuals Are Saying:

Lynne is amazingly adept at what she does because she's more than a therapist... she's a truly gifted teacher, who taught me how to uncover my strengths, transcend the past, and open my heart in ways I'd not known was possible. Though it's been years since working with her, her lessons are still very much with me. And whenever someone asks me if I can recommend a psychotherapist, Lynne's number is the first one I give them. -DK

It normally takes me a while to trust people and open up. However, even in my first session with Lynne, I found myself discussing things with a comfort level of long-time, trusted friends. I also appreciate her genuine and caring nature, which makes all the difference in a therapy experience. She spent as much time as was needed with me to talk through my concerns and to explain the options available to me. I highly recommend Lynne's services and thank her for helping me to move forward. -KB, a young woman whose Mother had just died

Lynne has a way of changing my perspective so that life's possibilities open up tremendously when I work with her. Many's the time we've done some work and I walk out onto the street with a new bounce in my step, happier and stronger, and ready to take on a larger, more meaningful, life picture. She's guided me through personal growth, relationship, and career transformations with her intelligence, grace and strength. Thank you Lynne!!! -AMO

The work Lynne and I embarked on many years ago started with a single goal, to help me define myself as my own person. Lynne has helped me accomplish this goal and remains the beacon of reason, understanding, and personal accountability in my life. We have continued our work together shifting focus as my life unfolds. -KA, a long term client

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I worked with Lynne, who understood my problems associated with cancer and the risk of death. Of course many of my issues were related to other aspects of my life, namely, my childhood and the death of my sister from breast cancer. Lynne helped me work through these in a very gentle, loving and spiritual way. I only worked with her for less than a year, but the results continue to manifest. -JM, a breast cancer survivor

Lynne helped me navigate through a difficult divorce while providing gentle guidance in my personal discovery and
re-definition. She was able to customize her approach to what was most suitable for me in dealing with a crisis. And she also helped me establish a good foundational framework for positive changes and personal development in the future. -MR, a man in the process of a divorce

Working with Lynne over the past several years has fundamentally changed the direction of my life. Her integration of the Enneagram into her work has been extremely beneficial in helping me understand my psyche, my patterns, and my relationships. I have watched these things transform before my eyes as a result of having light shed on them, and for that I am forever grateful. Lynne expertly utilizes a variety of techniques and approaches based on the individual's situation, which gives her the unique ability to work effectively with whatever arises. -MY, a long term client

I am very thankful for the work that we did together to help me overcome a traumatic experience. It was something I could not think about without becoming extremely emotional. I am glad that today I can think about it, and discuss it with others, without becoming emotionally distressed. I was surprised by how few sessions Lynne was able to help me with this. -KH, a woman working through a situational trauma

Whenever the path in my life is unclear or I am doubting myself , Lynne has a way of cutting through the clutter and helping me find the most honest and true path to take. I always leave feeling like I got what I needed and know how to proceed. I find great peace in our relationship and will continue to use her as a guide. -DT

Lynne offers a level of safety and kindness that is hard to find these days. With her I found the courage to work the dark corners of my life, areas that had been holding me back for years. I have come out the other side feeling the richness of my life and a deeper confidence at my core. -EM

When I first came to Lynne my mind was racing and I felt my life was out of control. After therapy with Lynne I learned how to create a space around me to enter into the world. She helped me go beyond words to that place of peace inside all of us. -CZ

Working with Lynne offered me a chance to safely and honestly explore issues which I had been ignoring for years. Her straight-forward and compassionate approach "cuts to the chase" of many problems. Her intuitive style is both refreshing and assuring. In just a few sessions, I could see progress and hope. -MAB

I have known Lynne since 2000, when we worked together in weekly therapy for over two years. Since then, she has always been there to see me through rough patches, from the challenges of searching for my soul mate and currently with my struggles of infertility. I continue to check in with Lynne when I feel I need someone to listen and help me make the right choices for myself. This past year has been very difficult, and it is reassuring to know that I can call Lynne up and schedule time with her when I need a safe place to talk. She listens, remembers, and I always leave feeling better. -AB, a long term client

Lynne, with her kind and caring way, has helped me get through more than one of life's transitions. I've laughed and cried in my time with her and in the end came to a peaceful and resolved place inside. I'm sure other challenges will come up for me, since that is the way of life, and I'll again turn to Lynne for her help. -TR, a man who experienced multiple losses

What Couples Are Saying:

We came in to see Lynne for marriage counseling when our marriage was in crisis. In relatively few sessions Lynne's approach facilitated a positive transformation in our relationship that had eluded us through years of therapy with other counselors. Though she has no magic wand (it took work on our part and things are still far from perfect) the changes she facilitated have continued to hold over the years since we met with her. -R & S

Going to see Lynne was the best thing we could have done to resolve our marital problems. Lynne's expert and gentle guidance in helping us learn how to communicate our feelings and needs to each other in a productive way was priceless given how happy we continue to be more than five years later. -C & S

We found Lynne to be the most intuitive and knowledgeable counselor we've had the opportunity to work with. She was very focused on understanding our goals for therapy and kept us moving towards our desired outcome. She's a truly knowledgeable guide, providing applicable insight and coaching that showed us how much she cares for the human spirit. She worked without judgment and offered the most insightful and caring type of counseling either of us have ever experienced. -K & J

In just a few short months, Lynne not only helped us work through a traumatic time in our relationship, but she gave us practical strategies for improving our communication skills that we continue to employ on an ongoing basis. In retrospect, we find ourselves happier now than we had ever been before. The core lesson that we both learned from Lynne is that while love is the force that brings us together, communication provides the foundations for a lasting relationship. -H & P

Lynne helped us, as a couple, to open our eyes to what we have in each other. Through Lynne we learned how to set aside time to just talk and touch base with each other through our busy week. To learn the skills we needed to communicate with each other (after 15+ years of marriage) has proven to be priceless. -K & S

We came to Lynne for help at a time when we found ourselves sabotaging our relationship by the barriers we had unconsciously created to avoid the pain and disillusionment of past relationships. Under Lynne's guidance we were able to learn how to achieve authentic emotional intimacy and trust. As a result of our work with Lynne, we were able to move forward and enter into a healthy marriage. Thank you Lynne! -P & S, a couple who chose to marry

Lynne's style of working with couples therapy made me feel comfortable to open up and say the things that I felt I never could, without fear of rejection or reprisal or judgment, on her behalf or my partner's. My partner and I had worked with several therapists over the years and none of them made me feel at ease enough to open up and let go like Lynne did. -R & J

The work that we do with Lynne has really helped us to understand our challenges individually and as a couple. Her ability to hold space for each of us is balanced and supportive. We find that working with her has helped us to create changes that are creating deeper compassion and intimacy in our marriage. Working with therapists in the past, we have found that we can be a challenge to some. With Lynne, she has been able to meet our challenges with her understanding and experience. -D & B

Lynne helped us to identify and understand the baggage we carried into our marriage. She then helped us to remove it from our relationship and recognize the love we really had for each other. We never hesitate to refer people to Lynne for counseling. -K & J

We are grateful to Lynne for her assistance in discovering the root of the disharmony we were experiencing as a couple, and for helping us gain some perspective on our situation. With her guidance, we not only improved our understanding of one another's very different communication styles and outlook, but also learned practical skills to foster better communication and deeper intimacy. -C & M

We had the opportunity to work with Lynne Foote during a very difficult period in our marriage. Lynne was a calm, steady and genuinely caring confidant and counselor. By helping us learn more about ourselves and explore our own personality traits and issues, we came to a better understanding of each other. With Lynne's help, we were able not only to weather the storm, but also to emerge with a much stronger and more open relationship. We would highly recommend Lynne to couples or individuals for marital or relationship counseling. -C & B


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