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I work with men, women, and couples who are ready to invest in themselves. Working with me gives you the opportunity to explore your problems in a new light and gain a clearer perspective of yourself and your relationships. Together, we can help you explore your issues, confront your fears, heal your wounded places, and find the courage to speak your truth.  We will work together to explore your needs and determine the course of action that works best for you.

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I offer the following programs and workshops:
  • THRESHOLD: A Personal Growth and Art-Making Experience for Women

THRESHOLD: A Personal Growth and Art-Making
Experience for Women

New group starting 14 September 2017.
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This eight week group is designed to be both an exploration of our inner process and an outer art-making experience which will result in a personally handcrafted, illustrated book. Combining a Creative Process with an intimate Group Experience offers a profound opportunity for healing and growth. Women who are experiencing a loss, who are facing a major life transition, or are ready to journey more deeply into their inner world will find support, clarity, and direction over the course of this two month process, while having fun along the way.

Each week there will be a hands-on demo of various mixed media techniques. We will explore a variety of backgrounds for collage, including using gels to add textures, and layering tissue paper for a dimensional effect. We will use different techniques for embellishing such as: stamping and embossing; paper quilting; using sequins and beads; and jazzing up a page with products like Smooch, Liquid Pearls, Glimmer Mists, and Sparkle Glue. We will study various book design options. Finally, we will work with our Inner Critic and learn how to use this voice as we are bringing a piece to completion which is when being critical has value. But when we are starting out, we will embrace the playfulness and innocence of our Inner Child. Throughout this process, you will discover a creative freedom you didn't realize was possible.

No previous experience is necessary and if you think you don't have a creative bone in your body, this group's for you.

This group is for the woman who wants to:
  • Unblock her Creativity, be more Spontaneous;
  • Manage the Voice of her Inner Critic;
  • Experiment with various forms of Mixed Media and Book Arts;
  • Explore the Landscapes of her Inner Process; and
  • Join with other women on an Adventurous, Enriching, Creative Journey.
Here is a sampling of Book Themes and Book Styles from previous THRESHOLD groups:

Carol made a scrapbook style book honoring five generations in her family, from her grandparents to her grandchildren, and in this process found her place in her family.

Rebecca experienced a healing process when she made her mixed-media book which focused on the stages of losing her hair after chemotherapy.

Ann made a gift for her husband who has Alzheimer's, collecting photos and mementos of their many years together.

Martie altered several small children's books using words from favorite songs and scriptures.

Sandi's book paid tribute to her father and brother who both died in the same year.

Kay, a quilting artist, made a book that was a box within a box within a box using all of the mixed-media techniques that we used in class.

Christa made the most colorful and scrumptious book as a gift to herself.

Janet crafted a book from materials on hand and didn't spend a dime. She threaded waxed linen through some corrugated cardboard which became the base pages for her accordion style book which captured the Spirit of her garden.

Books from past THRESHOLD Participants

Before joining the THRESHOLD group, my ideas about art were narrow and self-defeating. Now a new world has begun to open up. I am learning that the "mistakes" in my art will become what make it unique if I don't give up and stay with the process. This applies to my life as well. The mistakes and failures that I experience in my life are not failures at all. They are layers of an ever evolving creation.- Jodi

Lynne's excitement and love of the arts carries through in her teaching. This workshop is a beautifully guided experience, perfect for unleashing your creative juices. I enjoyed it immensely and recomment it highly. -LV

This group is amazing, whether you have art experience or not, it's a great place to discover inspiration to make your own form of art journal. Lynne's excitement and energy about the creative process is contagious. I left each meeting with a renewed energy to try a new technique or rediscover my existing resources. Lynne is masterful in helping you cultivate your creative spirit. She can help you move forward even when -or especially when- your Inner Critic is at its loudest. I highly recommend this group. -RC

For me THRESHOLD has been a leap into deeper awareness of personal possibilities. Lynne's guidance pivots on a resonance to the spirit of the student and offers new vistas of creativity and personal achievement. -BP

I would have never thought that the world of art would have been able to help me work through some of my issues. Lynne's encouragement to explore life through art helped me connect with others and have fun at the same time while learning something new! -PT

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