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People seek my psychotherapy services for a variety of reasons. The arenas where I work most effectively are the ones that deal with relationship and sexual issues, as well as a wide range of troubling life situations. Here is a sampling of various situations where counseling helps most people.  Click on a specific page to see if any of the following scenarios and outcomes would be relevant for you.

Scan this page to see if any of the following scenarios are relevant for you:
Counseling can help you with your MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIPS:

Individuals and couples who come to see me may be seeking improvements in a basically positive relationship, or may have very serious concerns about their future together. Relationship-oriented therapy ranges from: premarital counseling and marriage preparation; to enhancement or revitalization of a basically healthy connection; to helping couples know if the marriage can be saved, or if it is time to go.

Therapy can be invaluable when a marriage is in trouble and can help a couple determine if there is still love buried under all of the pain. By examining the dysfunctional systemic patterns that a couple has cultivated for years, and gaining an expanded awareness, greater clarity, and perhaps most importantly a heart that is open to true compassion, a couple can begin to do the inner and outer work of forging a new relationship with each other.

Finally, therapy serves the couple who has chosen to divorce. Counseling can help to resolve their unfinished business so that they are in a better position to move on with their lives. And when they need to continue some form of connection, as in the parenting of children or a shared business, counseling can provide the means to build that bridge into their new dynamics together.

Counseling can help you improve your SEXUAL EXPERIENCE:

People come to me for assistance with numerous concerns about sexuality. I provide assessment, educational information, and coaching to help them find a healthier relationship to whatever difficulty they are facing and often can guide them through and beyond the barriers to sexual fulfillment.  Counseling is a safe and confidential space to explore your fears and desires, and to expand your sexual repertoire. I work with people who have a wide array of sexual orientations and preferences.

Counseling can help you PREPARE FOR YOUR MARRIAGE:

A little investment of time, money, and energy at the start of your marriage can give you huge dividends in the long run. Building a strong foundation is essential for a marriage that can remain healthy and strong, no matter what life throws at you. I offer a four session Premarital Tool Kit for couples who are about to marry and for couples who are in the early years of their relationship or marriage.

Individual Counseling can help you MANAGE LIFE'S DIFFICULTIES:

Working with me gives you the opportunity to see your problems in a new light and gain a clearer perspective on yourself and your relationships. Together, we can help you explore your issues, confront your fears, heal your wounded places, and find the courage to speak your truth. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. It takes tremendous strength and courage to confront those dysfunctional parts of yourself and your life that are holding you prisoner, to tap into the inner determination and wisdom that will set you free, and to develop new life strategies that will carry you into a healthier, more satisfying future.

What I Would Need From You

You now have some ideas about those situations where I have been able to help others. The next important piece in this process involves the participation and commitment that I would need from you as my client.

The following resonates with my most successful clients…
You are:

I welcome all races, ethnic groups, religious and sexual orientations

"After many months of searching, my husband and I found Lynne Foote. Here are a few of the thoughts we voiced after each session with her:

Present - completely.
Thoughtful - with each detail.
Compassionate - always.
Professional - without a doubt.
Humorous - thankfully so!!!!" -P&B


Now that you have some information about the people who I work with, the kinds of concerns I help them resolve, and what clients need to do to ensure progress, click here to learn more about HOW I WORK. Or for some practical suggestions on what changes you can begin now, click on ARTICLES.

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