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Here is what you can expect when you work with me:


I believe that people can change at a very deep, core level. I also believe in the innate wisdom of the psyche to move towards wholeness and healing.
For this to happen, we need some means to uncover and transform the attitudes, behaviors, and often subconscious belief systems which are keeping us stuck. Another way of saying this is that we need to shift from our automatic, reactive defense strategies into a more conscious response which is based on a healthier relationship to who we are beneath our defenses.

My experience has taught me that there are two ways to do this. The first is to cultivate a mindfulness-based spiritual practice where we can view our automatic reactions from a witnessing consciousness position, one that is outside the impulsive control of the ego. The other is to enter into a collaborative journey with a trained therapist, engaging in a therapeutic process that produces insight and transformation.

I also believe in the rule SAFETY FIRST. While I do not hesitate to push you beyond your comfort zone, I also know that you cannot go further than where you feel inherently safe. For this, our therapeutic relationship must be solid.
We need to cultivate a genuine connection, a true partnership. I like to think of therapy as an alchemical vessel. You have entered therapy because something is not working in your life. In this vessel, we journey through a therapeutic process unique to our particular dynamics together, and because our relationship is authentic, both of us are influenced and changed.


My own personal journey has led me to both western psychological models and eastern mindfulness practices. See ABOUT ME for details on and links to the various modalities that I use. My work includes the full continuum from transition (changing attitudes, behaviors, and interpersonal dynamics) to transformation (working with the core aspects of the personality).
I play an active role as your therapist which includes being at various times a facilitator, an educator or guide, a coach, and confidante. We work together to enhance your natural strengths while changing or maturing those aspects of yourself and your life which are not working.

My work includes both intrapsychic and interpersonal dimensions. In the intrapsychic work, we uncover and explore the underlying dynamics of your personality. This means directly accessing those inner dynamics as they are at work in the present moment. I do this by facilitating a state of mindfulness, which is a quiet inner awareness of what is happening moment by moment. Then it is like we follow a thread that winds through the labyrinth of your psyche, guiding us beyond the conditioned patterns and limiting belief systems, towards healing and wholeness. In the interpersonal work, we look at the system that is alive between you and your partner. Our focus is to determine what influences and dynamics, both known and unknown, are at work here. We then examine how these two dimensions, what is inside you and what is between you, are influencing each other.


I use both traditional and non-traditional approaches to get us to your goals. Sometimes basic conventional talking therapy is what is most valuable. If that is what's needed, that is what I use. At other times we need to go below the surface layer to find what is controlling our lives. When that is the case, then modalities that use mindfulness processes that go to the core belief system are more relevant.

I have also done my own inner work. I believe it is essential for a therapist to investigate her own inner life so that she can recognize and know the territory in others. And one needs to understand these dynamics in order to be able to hold appropriate boundaries in the therapeutic process.

"I feel what we did was transformational. You gave me back my sense of myself, my ability to recognize who I am, that I had lost over the past several years. And you gave me so many creative tools to explore what I'm going through emotionally. I will always be grateful to you." -DB


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