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"One of things I most admire about Lynne is her ability to listen in a way that enables her to cut to the core of what you are saying, reflect it back to you, and then suggest or ask the question that allows you to see an issue from a totally different point of view. Insights into my own life have come directly from having to answer those questions.
She also offers many helpful techniques that enhance the process of peeling back the layers. She has an incredible caring heart and I have been so fortunate to have worked with her." –ER

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The Process

I offer a free half hour consultation so that both of us can determine if we are a good fit. During this time I learn what is troubling you and you gain a sense of who I am, how I work, and if you feel an intuitive sense of safety and trust with me. If you choose to work with me, I will give you a questionnaire to take home and fill out. This form is designed to give me background information on you, and to help you set the goals that you want in our work together. If therapy is successful, how will your life be different? I also ask you to take two online Enneagram tests to help guide us towards knowing your personality type and your instinctual preferences. I use the results of both of these tests to more efficiently and skillfully assess the dynamics of your situation.

The first 1-3 sessions are dedicated to getting a good history which will provide a foundation for our work together. I want to know details about the difficulties you face and the situation you are in. What have you tried?
What has worked/failed? For more in depth work, I want to know about your family of origin, your past relationships, and any traumas or attachment injuries which you may have experienced.

Once we have developed this strong foundation for our therapeutic relationship, and after the background data is in, we go into what I call the "working mode." Now we begin to work directly with the issues you are struggling with and begin to move towards the goals you have established. We work with your dreams and your struggles, with what has surfaced from the previous session, with what is showing up in your life as fate. After over 30 years of helping other clients, I have a full tool box of techniques, models, and practical experiences to draw from to help you reach your goals.

I recommend a minimum of 6-10 sessions for you to experience real change from this process. Deeper characterological transformation is more of a
long-term therapy and typically can run from four months to several years depending on the degree of change wanted and the level of health that the personality starts with.

Practical Details

My sessions are 50 minutes. Longer sessions are available when needed.

Phone sessions are available upon request.

I recommend weekly sessions for at least 3-6 weeks to begin to get our therapeutic pot simmering. Once we are at simmer, it is fine, and sometimes even valuable, to go to biweekly sessions so you have time for practicing and integrating the new possibilities. When we have moved through the initial presenting issue, and your goals have been met, we check to see if other issues are surfacing and if new goals are appropriate. When we feel satisfied that the work you have come into therapy to do is complete, then we go into an integrating, maintenance phase and begin the process of moving towards closure. Now we might meet on a monthly basis, maintaining contact to assure that progress is still being made and to fine tune the final changes.

Some clients come back periodically for what we call their "tune up".
We check for ways they might have regressed into old patterns and habits, then work to correct their course before it becomes a seasoned pattern. Sometimes therapy can be like peeling layers of an onion in which a client comes in, does a piece of work, returns to their life to fully integrate this change, then returns either weeks, months, or years later to work with the next layer.

I am in my office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays,
with evening hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I accept credit cards, cash and checks. My fees are negotiable based on need.


I am an "out of network" provider. How this works is you pay me directly
and I give you a statement which you can submit to your insurance. Often insurance will pay 50% of the cost. Check with your insurance company for details of your coverage.


For a free half hour consultation to see if individual or couples counseling
can help you, click CONTACT ME, or call my voicemail at 3034472987.
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